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Ask Wendy: Is it Better to Give or Receive?

Is it better to give or receive oral sex? I personally love both but let’s see what a peer reviewed article says….

Did you ever wonder if men or women like to give or receive oral sex more than the other? In Wood, McKay and Milhausen’s study of 899 heterosexual college students there was a difference, at least in terms of a committed relationship versus a casual hook-up is concerned.

In the spirit of giving…… Men reported liking to give oral sex to women, but when in a committed relationship and not during a one night stand. Ironically, men reported liking receiving oral sex from a one night stand over a committed relationship… (Wood, McKay & Milhausen, 2016). Strange but true, at least in this study.

Women on the other hand, like receiving oral sex from a committed partner and wouldn’t feel comfortable receiving sex from a one night stand. Additionally, women wouldn’t feel comfortable giving oral sex to a one night stand (Wood, McKay & Milhausen, 2016).

It seems clear that there is a disconnect here between the sexes. Guys if you want oral sex, it seems you are going to have to fantasize about your committed girlfriend being someone else. You can role play, have her dress up, and think it is a first hook up. You ain’t gonna get a blowjob if a women doesn’t know you and doesn’t feel like she is in a safe, committed relationship….. Apparently true.

There are great techniques for giving oral sex to men. I love stroking the taint area and balls, playing with a man’s prostate, while gently licking the shaft and head of the penis. This will drive a guy wild and they’ll cum quicker, which they won’t want to do.

For guys, use a nice sensual approach, don’t just dive in and attack. Gently stroke the nipples then migrate down to never land. Lick and suck on the clit, nice and slow, and then increase the intensity as you get her going. Don’t forget to gently probe the vagina, I said gently not like a jack hammer. I prefer my glass dildo with lube up in my vagina, while my clitoris is being adored. Once you get a girl to cum, the love canal is nice and juicy and you can penetrate it with your hard penis. You can also use a vibrator to help with the hot effect of oral sex with both partners. Visit TLAT to see our Amore Massager and other products that will enhance your oral adventure.

Eureka, it is great to give and receive, at least with oral sex.


Wood, J. R., McKay, A., Komarnicky, T., & Milhausen, R. R. (2016). Was it good for you too?: An analysis of gender differences in oral sex practices and pleasure ratings among heterosexual canadian university students. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 25(1), 21-29. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1844372465?accountid=35812

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