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Did you ever want to learn how to swing but weren't sure how to approach this sensitive subject with your partner? Learn by asking

Love and lust are difficult to keep going in a relationship. How can you keep that lusty, falling in love feeling throughout decades?

Valentine's Day is a special day that shows love and affection. Buy appropriate Valentine's gifts and you can benefit by reciprocation.

Have you thought about exploring different fetishes but didn't know where to look? Visit Wendy Adams' blog on: http://www.teddylovetoys.com/uncategorized/ask-wendy-about-sexual-fetishism/ ‎ and find out more.

Men and women have different perspectives on oral sex and in what situation they are most comfortable.

BDS&M is a form of sexual exploration that releases endorphines. It is based on a consensual relationship for both the submissive and the dominant.

Teddy Love Toys assists couples in increasing exploration and foreplay. Ask Wendy about your most pressing questions about sexuality.

Ask Wendy- Anal Play for couples