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Ask Wendy: About Anal Play

Amber jeweled heart shaped butt plugs.

Ask Wendy:

Anal play is sometimes thought of as something that “I would never do”. I know when I speak to people about anal play there is one of two reactions. Either the person smiles and says that they love anal play, or they grimace and think of it as painful and horrible. However, for all types of couples it may add some spice into the relationship, if done correctly.

There are nerve endings in the anal area for both men and women, that when stimulated, can be arousing. For men, massaging the prostate internally can bring them to the brink of orgasm. For women, the stimulation can ultimately hit the g-spot creating sensations never felt before.

But, (no pun intended) finesse is involved. Set the mood with candle light, music and gently massage your partner until they are completely relaxed. Lightly touch the anal area with lube and gently place your fingers around the anal area.  You can try some of our vibrators, metals, and lube to gently arouse your partner.  Do not insert your finger or other until you are certain that your partner is limply relaxed and wanting anal insertion. My husband did this once without having me prepared and I hit him in the head with a butt plug drawing blood because I wasn’t ready. So be gentle…. you want to make this a pleasurable experinece.  That is unless you are into BDSM and want it to really hurt.

Once you insert gently go in and out of the anus and add more lube. You can perform oral sex on your partner while gliding the object or finger into the anal area. Oral sex really enhances the experience and elevates orgasms to another level. 

Men will have the most unbelievable orgasm and women will too. Try our products to enhance your newly found pleasure palace on http//www.teddyloveadulttoys.com. You will be happy you did……. 

Love and Sex,

Wendy Adams-Sexpert 

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