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Teddy Love and Innovation

Innovation is the ability to take a creative concept and make it a reality. According to Kuratko, Goldsby and Hornsby (2012), innovation is the act of combining creativity and leveraging opportunity. There are three types of innovation such as product, service and process innovation. We at Teddy Love will be providing not only an innovative product, but will provide you with customized service driven by a computerized process.
Now, about Teddy Love. The type of invention is called synthesis where we took two common objects, a vibrator and a teddy bear and combined it into one product. There is no other product in the world that has melded these two components. What does this provide to you? Teddy love solves a few challenges for women.
For one, vibrators are cumbersome and Teddy Love can be placed in front of a women leaving her hands free to play and do other things with her partner. Secondly, the product is so discreet and inconspicuous it can be left out on a person’s bed without fear or embarrassment of someone finding it. Third, this product can be held for comfort, hugged and snuggled, unlike bulky sex toys. Last, it is a great gift for any occasion and our test marketing reveals that WOMEN LOVE IT!! It is cute, lovable and provides pleasure!
Just remember this is a paradigm shifting product that is revolutionizing the way women look and use sex toys. Henry Ford shared his thoughts on innovation and was quoted as saying if I asked people what they wanted they would have said a faster horse and we would not have invented the automobile.
Basically, the same thing was shared by Steve Jobs when Apple invented the IPhone, IPad, and other apple products. It is this entrepreneurial affinity that drives creativity and innovation and that sustains economic growth. Providing creative solutions to challenges that one may not have been aware of, is the essence of innovation.
Kuratko, D., Goldsby, M., & Hornsby, J. (2012). Innovation acceleration transforming organizational thinking. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.X
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